Turinese Craft Excellence 100% Made in Italy

Designers and producers of billiard and carom tables, desks, games tables and accessories.

With its 40 years of experience Milesi Biliardi boasts the Craft Excellence label.

 All our products, such as billiard and carom tables, desks and games tables are hand made by master craftsmen.

We offer made to measure and personalized billiard tables of our own production, restored vintage billiard tables and various models of new and refurbished billiard tables by other labels.

We offer objects and furnishing accessories produced by us such as desks, games tables, belt holders, cups and other unique pieces that are characterized by originality and prestige.

A vast range of products

  • Marmole


  • Floral


  • Virginia


  • Emily


  • Lipsy


  • Silver


  • Arlecchino


  • Monique


  • Charlotte



Milesi Biliardi designs and creates made to measure billiard tables, desks and games tables by creating products from scratch or personalizing products already in production. You can choose models, colours, finishes and friezes.

Tax relief

There are many ways to save by buying our products thanks to tax relief

Find out all the information by clicking on this link to the revenue agency.

Weddings lists

Put your billiard table in the wedding list! You can make your dream of having a personalized billiard table at home come true.

Our billiard tables are made by hand in our workshop in San Maurizio Canavese (TO) and can be personalized according to the needs of every client, whether in terms of size, the type of wood, the colour and painting, or the accessories, the colour of the cloth, the style of the chandeliers, scoreboards, the cue holder and everything that makes our billiard tables unique pieces.
Some of our carom tables are available with covers that transform them into real dinner tables and to make the most of the article and the space given it.

Furthermore we deal with:

  • National Transportation: we transport and deliver the billiard tables to all the country.
  • Trade in Billiard tables:  we offer the possibility of trading in your used billiard table for a new one by paying only the difference which includes the pickup of the used table and installation of the new billiard table.
  • Billiard table hire: we hire our billiard tables and we look after the transportation to the desired location.
  • Billiard table Maintenance: repair, setting up the bands, levelling the play field and replacing the cloth.
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